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We are fully aware that high quality market research can be conducted only based on accurate research data.

All our employees working on questionnaire design, programming, field management, quality control, data analyses and data visualization have more than 10 years of experience in their specific profession.

For face-to-face interviews (PAPI and CAPI), we use our network of interviewers which covers the whole country, and includes 460 interviewers. Their work is supported by 32 supervisors, located in Budapest and in countryside.

For phone interviews (CATI), we use our call-center and network of fully trained operators. Using CAPITris software designed specifically for research purposes we ensure the high quality of our fieldwork.

We regularly conduct online fieldwork, qualitative and quantitative too. For qualitative, we offer both online focus groups and online bulletin board solutions (online group discussions organized over a few days or even a few weeks).

We regularly run mystery shopping and mystery calling surveys for our banking clients, and we have a network of specially trained mystery shoppers.