Research, Data Analysis, Consultancy

At the forefront of the profession for over 20 years.

Since 2003, Ariosz Ltd. has been dedicated to market research, statistical analysis, and data mining, consistently upholding high professional standards. We specialize in conducting questionnaire surveys among the Hungarian population and companies, serving both business and scientific purposes. Leveraging the extensive expertise of our staff, we provide tailored research and analysis solutions that precisely meet our clients' unique needs.

Why Do Our Clients Turn To Us?

  • Because they want to access credible and quantifiable information about Hungarian society, their customers, and the business world.

  • Because they aim to base their strategic planning and thinking on well-founded information.

  • Because after years of successful collaboration, they know us well, trust us, and are aware of what to expect.

  • Because they recognize that beyond planning and conducting research professionally, we are also partners in interpreting the information derived from these studies.

Our Strengths

  • Conducting large-scale personal questionnaire surveys among the population.

  • Designing and managing representative panels for smart meter consumers, with versatile analysis capabilities.

  • Involvement in complex international research and development projects with multiple stakeholders.

  • Development and Automation of Predictive Models for various applications.

  • Data-driven support for business decisions and offering industry-specific expert consultancy.

Our Partners